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Introducing ThePit v3
1 minute read

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first Lobby Game release!

Today’s release is a crowd favorite.
The Pit!

Yes, this is a remake, however, this remake is the best custom remake ever!
In this gamemode, there are:
- Working Events
- Functional Levels
- Prestiges
- Perks
- Blocks
- Shops
- Kill Streaks
- Bounties
and more!

Introducing GodPixel
Introducing GodPixel
Hello! Its 2 Years Since we started our server, We called it "GodNetwork".

Our name got changed several times but now its to be called "GodPixel".

We will try our best to make our server better than last ones. The Gamemodes we'll be adding are:...
1 minute read
SkyBlock Added!
SkyBlock Added!
Godpixel's skyblock is full replica of Hypixel's original skyblock. As many players suggested this gamemode, we're now introducing Skyblock. We have og features of skyblock like auction house, village, island, cookies, etc...
1 minute read